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Easy Guide To Surmount The Fear Of Math With Ease

Math is not an easy subject to deal with. Most of the students complain about not understanding math and that’s the only reason why they end up leaving math for some other subject. Cutting it out of your life is not a solution as this is your anxiety that holds you from believing that math requires nothing but a little bit of practice.

1.      Believing In Yourself:

It’s really important for every individual to believe that their brain is not malformed, and all they need is a lot of practice to climb the ladder of success. Anxiety plays an important role when it comes to mental blocks. It may be a relief for you to hear that there is a way to break a math block. All you have to do is stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough to do math as any individual can become good in this subject with a little bit of concentration. The idea of leaving math forever is extremely bad as we surely require this skill to solve our daily life problems. Tell yourself repeatedly that you are capable of solving all these complex problems; it’s nothing, but a mental block that may have formed because of your insecurities.

2.      Practice:

It’s easy for all of us to memorize the lyrics of our favorite songs as we listen to it as frequently as possible. Just like the song, all you need to do is give a little extra time to this particular subject so you can overcome your fears. Mathematics is not something that can be memorized; this subject is based on skills.

3.      Seeking Help From The Teacher:

In order to get through this ordeal, consult your teacher. A teacher can understand a student better than anyone else, and it’s important for you to confess your fears and problems that you face in this particular subject to your teacher. Your teacher can certainly guide you to the right path as most of the teachers encounter such problems on a daily basis; it’s basically their job to motivate the children, and make them break all of their mental barriers.

4.      Class Participation:

Noting down the lectures and asking questions in the class can break these blocks. There’s no point of staying back when you’re so keen to learn. Step out of your comfort zone, and start asking questions as there’s no harm in raising your voice in the class. Teachers will notice you, and you’ll end up feeling more confident and encouraged.

Learn How To Be A High Achiever In Your Class

With increasing competition, it’s becoming much difficult to be the best student of the class. Different students have different reasons to be a topper. Some might want to impress the teacher, others want to get the most out of their school years. But whatever the reasons you have, there are a few different ways in which you can change yourself. Becoming an A grader is not just about getting the grades, It is about becoming a good person and showing that you take your studies seriously. For that, you need to work on some key points, which are as follows.

Prepare Your Mind And Body To Be Ready To Learn:

How much potential you have to learn in class is directly linked to the condition of your brain and body. You will not only learn the best, but will also find your school time the easiest, if your body is ready to learn. Firstly, get lots of sleep. If you get a sufficient amount of sleep, your brain will work at its best. You will feel alert and fresh throughout your day. Studies have shown that 8 hours of sleep are needed for the students. Eating habits also affect your retaining power.Regular intake of junk foods, like chips, cold drinks and hamburgers will help to lower down your retaining power, because all the vitamins and nutrients, your body needs will not be met. So, try to eat healthy food like, eggs, milk and vegetables. Likewise, keeping your body fit requires to drink plenty of water. Drinking a good amount of water will make your brain work right and also keeps the body healthy and ready to learn.

Choose Your Learning Style:

There is no standardized way in which everyone can learn perfectly. Everybody has their own way of learning. However, there are a few techniques, which helped a lot of people in learning, for example, there are some people who can remember things when there are pictures, charts and diagrams. These people are called visual learners. You can draw a small chart on the side of your notes, in order to remember it easily. On the other hand, there are people who find studying easy when there is music. These are auditory learners. If this technique works right for you, go for it.

Pay Attention:

The best thing you can do to improve your grades is to be attentive in class lectures. If you get distracted in class, you will miss out things, and later you will find difficulty in understanding the topic. To avoid distractions, and be attentive, try to sit in the front row of your class. Ask questions and participate in group discussions. By this, you will always know what’s happening around you, and you won’t miss out any important information which your teacher is giving during the class. Taking short notes during class also helps to clear out things later when you sit to study alone.

Do Your Homework On Time:

Most of the students find homework boring and useless. That’s not true at all. Homework might not affect your result directly, but doing your homework on time surely can improve your grades. Not only that, try to do your homework to the best of your ability.