Interesting Essay Topic Ideas

Being a student is never easy especially when you have to attend lectures and handle your assignments at the same time. Doing assignments, particularly working on essays, can be hectic at times for high school students when it comes to thinking over topics and researching for it. Many times, teachers provide essay topics that help to save the time of students but what happens when the teachers leave the choice of selecting essay topics to students? In this situation, students always wish to get some help in deciding an interesting topic to write a good quality essay. If the topic is chosen properly then the essay would ultimately be written in a high-quality manner. For this purpose you can always visit this page as here you will find the exact solution for your problem to select interesting essay topics for middle and high school students.
Here is a list of a variety of interesting essay topics under each essay category. Have a look, decide your essay category, and select the topic you are interested in.

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How To Write A Great Book Review Easily?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that students will find anything interesting as long as they don’t have to study it as a part of their curriculum. As soon as something gets included in their course, most of the students lose all interest in it. Same is the case with history.While history is very interesting to study and one can learn a lot by studying it carefully and systematically, most students feel like their history course is a burden. And while they are able to sit through the class by one way or another, the assignments can be especially grueling. That’s the reason that students run to online writing companies that claim to provide them with authentic work or look online for history assignment writing tips. These things do help the students in the short term, but don’t do much for them in the long term.One of the history assignments that is loathed by the students is a book review. A book review is inherently different from a book report; which most students mistake it for. And even if they don’t, they are unaware of the do’s and don’ts of writing a book review which results in the deduction of marks.

If you want to know what you should and shouldn’t do while writing a book review then you have come to the right place. Just keep on reading.

Read Before You Start Writing: You should begin by reading other book reviews before you start writing your own. That will familiarize you with the correct methodology of writing one and the things that you should keep in mind when writing your own review.

Use Quotations, But Not Too Much: You can directly quote from the book or from other sources in your book review to strengthen a point that you are trying to make but make sure that you don’t overdo it. The book review should show what you think and merely quoting the book won’t do the trick.

Avoid Plagiarism: Avoid plagiarism at all costs. Some colleges and universities have very strict rules against plagiarism and you can get a lot of trouble if you get caught. Make sure that you don’t copy and paste. Quoting can also help you avoid plagiarism.

Read It Several Times: Read your essay several times before you hand it in. If it contains grammatical errors or other blunders then it will make a very bad impression on the reader.

11 Tools That Make Academic Research A Lot Easier

The modern era is the era of technology. With leaping bounds being made in the technological field and a rapid increase in awareness, people have become able to easily acquire required information for their research papers and dissertations, thanks to the development of many innovative tools. Furthermore, the availability of these tools for academic research has evolved the entire dynamics of research itself. The hassle of citation and putting footnotes is now over. Below are the 11 essential tools that make academic research a whole lot easier than it ever was.

Bib Me: It is a free Bibliography and Citation maker. It supports MLA, APA, Turabian and Chicago formatting.

Ever Note: It is the best organizer of all the notes and files. It is a systematic way of keeping your work organized and well managed.

Zotero: It is a free and powerful tool to manage all the research related data. It provides on-line syncing and web browsing. It generates in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliographies.

Google Scholar: This is a search engine based solely on academic publications. Scholarly literature can be easily searched through it. All kinds of academic books, theses, authors and even academic websites can be found from this search engine.

Drop Box: It is free software that makes sharing and storing of documents, images and videos quite easy. It also serves as an online backup service.

Scrivener: This tool is designed for creating big and difficult documents. It is free and provides a number of formatting options.

Endnote: It publishes and manages bibliography. Its wide syncing capabilities allow the user to access his documents on his cell phone, laptop or online from anywhere.

Mendeley:It is a free academic, social network that also manages references. It keeps the user updated on the latest researches and provides interaction with other online users.

Qiqqa: It is a free reference and research manager. It is a brainstorming tool that integrates with Microsoft Word XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010 and BibTex/LaTex. It automatically generates citations and bibliographies in a variety of styles.

Knight Cite: It is a citation generator that is web based. It helps students in the formatting of bibliographies and citations.

Instagrok: It is educational software, especially for children to research on a variety of academic topics. The software provides an innovative, engaging and interactive mode of teaching.


Internet And Homework – There Are More Links Than We May Realize

The Internet And Home Work:

The internet and homework are associated in more ways than one. The links between the two are now so many and so strong that it is quite difficult to imagine how, only a few decades earlier, students of schools and colleges did not have the remotest association with the world wide web.

Information Acquisition:

The first thing that might come to one’s mind when the idea of the internet and homework is brought up is information acquisition. Internet is a fast source of information, and a lot of students use it to obtain background knowledge about the topic they are writing about or to study the concepts they were supposed to learn. The range of information and knowledge resources on the internet is vast. From eBooks to pdf tutorials, from video lectures to teach it yourself guides, from discussion forums to question and answer websites, the list of resources on the internet goes on and on.

If a student does not find information on a particular topic in their textbook, or if the textbook does not elaborate enough, all the student has to do to understand that topic is search for it on the world wide web and study from the resources there.

 Communication With Experts And Fellow Students:

While internet is a source of information, it is also a means of communication with fellow students, subject experts and teachers. There are discussion forums on the internet where questions can be asked and topics can be discussed. There are question and answer websites for similar purposes. Also, students can get an online tutor that can help them study using video and voice chat.

The role of the internet in enabling students to communicate goes even further. Students send and receive homework assignments via email or social media groups. They use these means of communication to interact with their fellow students to do their homework. Getting classhelp from fellow students has become easier as a result.

 Should We Be Completely Dependent?

The question of whether or not we should allow ourselves to be completely dependent on the internet is an important one. The answer is a subjective one, and opinions may differ, but something has to be said about the importance of delving into books and browsing through libraries in quest of knowledge. It is something students must not entirely forget how to do.

How To Maintain Your College Grades? Tips For New College Students

One of the scariest thoughts, which linger in the mind of new college students is to maintain their grades in all the semesters, right from the first to the last. This has proven to be harder for many, but with planned endeavors and dedication one can maintain highest grades throughout the college years.

Here are some new tips for new college students on how they can keep their grades up.

Finish The Homework On Time:

The advantages of completing the homework on time are not limited to one only. Firstly, homework provides the opportunity by which the student is able to put into practice whatever is learned at school. Secondly, by doing homework, students are able to understand the concepts which they have not fully understood in class and they can also take additional help for it. Thirdly, the student is able to keep pace with the professor and do not lag behind in class. Finally, good grades are maintained because on-time homework completion bestows extra points to you.

You Never Miss A Class:

Most of the college classes usually occur once or twice in a week. This means that if one of them is missed, it will surely affect learning. When you are regularly doing homework, then you never want to deliberately miss a class, unless required for an obvious reason. It not only affects the learning of essential materials and class quizzes, but also makes oneself fall behind the others. Some college students are also graded on class participation, so when one skips a lecture, then this also means that those points are lost.

Complete All Class Requirements:

Making it certain that all the meetings are attended even if they are not happening within the class, like field trips and study sessions help you to perform as an A-grade student in college. It is the student’s responsibility to seek help from the professor in case if a scheduled class component is missed. It is also necessary to find out about a missing event either by scheduling it on another date or by finishing some extra assignment work.

Maintain Focus On Your Interest:

Most of the college undergrads are required to select some of the courses which are not their main areas of study. However, for a good mix, one can choose some of the courses from the general ones while the other from the field of interest. It is also a wise decision to take electives which align up with your major courses. Ultimately, the probability of taking good grades in classes will increase because all the courses will be of your interest.

Make Yourself Regimented And Organized:

You can make yourself organized by noting the important due dates in a digital diary or set up reminders for it. You do not have to procrastinate – permit yourself ample time to study and finish the assignment work, instead of cramming up all the work prior to the due date. You will be expected to show up as per the class time, finish all the reading material before the class, and take notes in between the professor’s lectures. These are all positive study habits which can aid you to earn good grades without any difficulty. 

Making it certain that all the meetings are attended even if they are not happening within the class, like field trips and study sessions help you to perform as an A-grade student in college. It is the student’s responsibility to seek help from the professor in case if a scheduled class component is missed. It is also necessary to find out about a missing event either by scheduling it on another date or by finishing some extra assignment work.

Easy Guide To Surmount The Fear Of Math With Ease

Math is not an easy subject to deal with. Most of the students complain about not understanding math and that’s the only reason why they end up leaving math for some other subject. Cutting it out of your life is not a solution as this is your anxiety that holds you from believing that math requires nothing but a little bit of practice.

1.      Believing In Yourself:

It’s really important for every individual to believe that their brain is not malformed, and all they need is a lot of practice to climb the ladder of success. Anxiety plays an important role when it comes to mental blocks. It may be a relief for you to hear that there is a way to break a math block. All you have to do is stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough to do math as any individual can become good in this subject with a little bit of concentration. The idea of leaving math forever is extremely bad as we surely require this skill to solve our daily life problems. Tell yourself repeatedly that you are capable of solving all these complex problems; it’s nothing, but a mental block that may have formed because of your insecurities.

2.      Practice:

It’s easy for all of us to memorize the lyrics of our favorite songs as we listen to it as frequently as possible. Just like the song, all you need to do is give a little extra time to this particular subject so you can overcome your fears. Mathematics is not something that can be memorized; this subject is based on skills.

3.      Seeking Help From The Teacher:

In order to get through this ordeal, consult your teacher. A teacher can understand a student better than anyone else, and it’s important for you to confess your fears and problems that you face in this particular subject to your teacher. Your teacher can certainly guide you to the right path as most of the teachers encounter such problems on a daily basis; it’s basically their job to motivate the children, and make them break all of their mental barriers.

4.      Class Participation:

Noting down the lectures and asking questions in the class can break these blocks. There’s no point of staying back when you’re so keen to learn. Step out of your comfort zone, and start asking questions as there’s no harm in raising your voice in the class. Teachers will notice you, and you’ll end up feeling more confident and encouraged.

Learn How To Be A High Achiever In Your Class

With increasing competition, it’s becoming much difficult to be the best student of the class. Different students have different reasons to be a topper. Some might want to impress the teacher, others want to get the most out of their school years. But whatever the reasons you have, there are a few different ways in which you can change yourself. Becoming an A grader is not just about getting the grades, It is about becoming a good person and showing that you take your studies seriously. For that, you need to work on some key points, which are as follows.

Prepare Your Mind And Body To Be Ready To Learn:

How much potential you have to learn in class is directly linked to the condition of your brain and body. You will not only learn the best, but will also find your school time the easiest, if your body is ready to learn. Firstly, get lots of sleep. If you get a sufficient amount of sleep, your brain will work at its best. You will feel alert and fresh throughout your day. Studies have shown that 8 hours of sleep are needed for the students. Eating habits also affect your retaining power.Regular intake of junk foods, like chips, cold drinks and hamburgers will help to lower down your retaining power, because all the vitamins and nutrients, your body needs will not be met. So, try to eat healthy food like, eggs, milk and vegetables. Likewise, keeping your body fit requires to drink plenty of water. Drinking a good amount of water will make your brain work right and also keeps the body healthy and ready to learn.

Choose Your Learning Style:

There is no standardized way in which everyone can learn perfectly. Everybody has their own way of learning. However, there are a few techniques, which helped a lot of people in learning, for example, there are some people who can remember things when there are pictures, charts and diagrams. These people are called visual learners. You can draw a small chart on the side of your notes, in order to remember it easily. On the other hand, there are people who find studying easy when there is music. These are auditory learners. If this technique works right for you, go for it.

Pay Attention:

The best thing you can do to improve your grades is to be attentive in class lectures. If you get distracted in class, you will miss out things, and later you will find difficulty in understanding the topic. To avoid distractions, and be attentive, try to sit in the front row of your class. Ask questions and participate in group discussions. By this, you will always know what’s happening around you, and you won’t miss out any important information which your teacher is giving during the class. Taking short notes during class also helps to clear out things later when you sit to study alone.

Do Your Homework On Time:

Most of the students find homework boring and useless. That’s not true at all. Homework might not affect your result directly, but doing your homework on time surely can improve your grades. Not only that, try to do your homework to the best of your ability.

Time Management

Learn How To Manage Time While Writing Your Academic Research Paper For College

Writing a research paper is a lengthy task as it includes a lot of things that need to be done properly. Students find it difficult to manage time while writing their research paper. Follow the guide below to know how to manage your time effectively:

Develop A Plan:

Planning makes work easy and helps in smooth and quick completion of a task as you already figure out all the problems that you might face while writing your paper and also know the solutions to tackle those problems. This is why, it is essential for you to develop a proper place before starting your work. Cover each and every aspect of your paper writing process while making your plan.

Gather Details About The Writing Process:

The writing process of a research paper includes about three important elements that are topic, content and structure. Every college or university has its specific requirement regarding these elements like what kind of topic students need to choose for their paper, what type of data they need to write and what structure they need to follow for writing their paper. Everything needs to be done according to the requirements of the professors because only then you will be able to create a good impression on them and also to get good marks for your paper. So, gather complete information about these elements and their requirements and then work accordingly.

Divide Work In Steps:

Dividing work in different steps also helps in proper time management and completing work fast. Make a list of all the things that you need to do. Divide them into steps and then work accordingly. You can use the information that you gathered while planning about your work for completing these steps. Do one thing at a time and start another after completing it. If you go the other way and start doing two to three things simultaneously, then it will create problems for you and you will get confused. So work step by step and one thing at a time.

Follow A Proper Schedule:

The most disciplined way to work on a research paper is to work by following a proper schedule. Set a specific time from your daily routine for your work, at least about two to three hours. In this way, you will be able to complete your work on time and along with your other responsibilities. Allot time to each step and work one by one on them on a daily basis.

Four major classifications of the academic paths you can opt for

Academic degrees and paths are the decisions that students must take as they make their way through to colleges and universities after graduating from the school. These paths play a critical role in the development of the students as well as deciding the future of their professional life and a career. For example, if a student chooses to study entrepreneurship, he is more than likely to pursue the same when he graduates and steps into the professional world. Similarly, someone who chooses marketing will be pursuing marketing only.

So students while deciding to choose such academic paths should always put weights on different factors before deciding on one because first they cannot possibly change the path with ease, it will be very challenging, second they need to have clarity of why they are choosing a particular degree before completing their scholarship essays and thirdly if they do change it, whatever they have studied might go in vain this means loss of money, effort and time. So it is always recommended that students must choose an academic path which perfectly fits their future aspirations and allows them to find true success in both academic life and professional life. Today’s academic blog will talk about four major classifications or academic path as well as associated degrees that students can choose to help themselves towards success.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications is one of the most pursued and commonly known academic paths globally. It is present and offered by almost all top institutions around the world and it keenly opted for by students who have an interest in the field of business, branding, communication, media or advertising. However, with the growth and changes in education dynamics both communication and media are now treated as completely different fields, but for the sake of argument we are mentioning them alternatively. Students can become experts in advertising, branding, and trade marketing or sales if they choose to go on this academic path. Degrees that are on offer can be bachelors or masters in marketing and media.

Economics and finance

Economics and finance might be  in the same branch of business studies, but now is a completely different phenomenon of academic life. It allows students to pursue specialization in the field of economy, banking and retail banking or anything related economy. Finance is another different and very commonly opted for as an academic degree. Students who complete their Chartered Accountancy or Audit studies are usually on the path of finance.

Science and Technology

The growth in science and modern day technology has made this field the most diverse and complicated ones. Students who are exceptional in their studies and have a keen interest in the field of science opt for this kind of degree and academic path. It is important for students to know that this academic path takes the most time and is the most complex ones out of all.


Research is another important field which is slowly gaining popularity. Research allows students to be specialists in data mining, information usage and being analysts. It is also becoming one of the very lucrative careers of today.

Writing in a completely professional style with four simple tips

Writing is simple for many students. It comes naturally and without any real hassle about anything, be it words or assignments and forming the right sentences. However, for some students constant writing can pile on a lot of pressure and degrade the quality because their brains cannot think, according to the speed it is demanded to think. There are numerous instances where students who have been writing so well suddenly start to sound very amateur in their writing purely because they are out of ideas and their writing flair which was once so close to sound like a professional one, starts to fade away.

Usually when a student attempts to write a college paper, there are various things in mind that he/she will think about related to approaching and executing that paper. From brainstorming ideas, to developing a strong mechanism for writing and finishing it with quality, but as the paper progresses and other situations pile up along with different academic commitment, it becomes a never-ending task and all the enthusiasm to write like a professional is gone. Then students struggle to find that charm in their writing and often look for ideas or tips to improve it. Today’s academic blog post will be featuring four simple tips to refine your writing when you are completely stuck up and out of ideas related to your assignment or homework.

Referring back to your lecture

Usually when students have completed a section of their writing, they think they know enough now to progress through the entire paper along with all the concepts. They refrain from going back to their notes and lecture points in order to revise and see if they are forgetting to cover something. If you are struggling to write professionally and approach the assignment in a professional manner, then it is always a good idea to refer back to your lecture notes.

Proofreading and revising what you have written

The importance of revising your work through multiple drafts cannot be stressed enough, without revising you will never be able to find your mistakes and improve upon them. Professional writers who possess a huge publication list with them, also proofread their work and revise it countless number of times until they are completely satisfied with it. As a student it should be your practice to thoroughly proofread your work and revise multiple drafts before settling for the final copy. It creates extra pressure on you and you start to write even better by finding your mistakes.

Read samples

To write like a professional, you need an inspiration and a guideline. That guideline can be found in reading samples that other good writers and professionals have worked on. Always keep a sample with you of the related assignment to help you find inspiration to write well.

Do not multi-write

Multitasking is understandable, but trying to complete two complete different writing tasks in one go, is not really a good idea. You will not only mess up both writing assignments, but also struggle to finish because your attention will be divided.