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11 Tools That Make Academic Research A Lot Easier

The modern era is the era of technology. With leaping bounds being made in the technological field and a rapid increase in awareness, people have become able to easily acquire required information for their research papers and dissertations, thanks to the development of many innovative tools. Furthermore, the availability of these tools for academic research has evolved the entire dynamics of research itself. The hassle of citation and putting footnotes is now over. Below are the 11 essential tools that make academic research a whole lot easier than it ever was.

Bib Me: It is a free Bibliography and Citation maker. It supports MLA, APA, Turabian and Chicago formatting.

Ever Note: It is the best organizer of all the notes and files. It is a systematic way of keeping your work organized and well managed.

Zotero: It is a free and powerful tool to manage all the research related data. It provides on-line syncing and web browsing. It generates in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliographies.

Google Scholar: This is a search engine based solely on academic publications. Scholarly literature can be easily searched through it. All kinds of academic books, theses, authors and even academic websites can be found from this search engine.

Drop Box: It is free software that makes sharing and storing of documents, images and videos quite easy. It also serves as an online backup service.

Scrivener: This tool is designed for creating big and difficult documents. It is free and provides a number of formatting options.

Endnote: It publishes and manages bibliography. Its wide syncing capabilities allow the user to access his documents on his cell phone, laptop or online from anywhere.

Mendeley:It is a free academic, social network that also manages references. It keeps the user updated on the latest researches and provides interaction with other online users.

Qiqqa: It is a free reference and research manager. It is a brainstorming tool that integrates with Microsoft Word XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010 and BibTex/LaTex. It automatically generates citations and bibliographies in a variety of styles.

Knight Cite: It is a citation generator that is web based. It helps students in the formatting of bibliographies and citations.

Instagrok: It is educational software, especially for children to research on a variety of academic topics. The software provides an innovative, engaging and interactive mode of teaching.


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