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The Ideal Definition Essay Format For Astonishing Grades

A definition essay can be described as a scholastic piece of writing that describes what a particular term means. There are a few types of terms that have definite and concrete meanings for example glass, tree or a book. On the other hand, there are some terms which are abstract in nature and hence, their meanings depend on the person’s point of view about it. Examples of such terms include honor, love and honesty.

An effective definition can be written by following the given tips:

  • Tell the readers clearly what term you are defining in the essay.
  • Provide all basic information in a vivid manner.
  • Try to make maximum use of anecdotes, facts and examples that will help the readers understand what you want to convey.

The primary step in writing a definition essay is to choose a definition. It is of utmost importance that you understand the term completely yourself before you attempt to define it to others.  Start off by explaining the term briefly in your own words. You can surely consult a dictionary for help, but do not just copy the definition. There are certain terms which can be defined in various aspects. An example of such term is “love”. In such cases, you need to narrow down your scope as you cannot cover everything in a single essay. You can either write about “romantic love”, “platonic love” or “first love”.

Like other essays, you definition essay shall also contain a thesis statement. The thesis statement would identify the term you are defining. At the same time, this one sentence would also consist of a brief basic definition of the term.

After you are done writing the introductory paragraph, you have to define the term in a detailed manner. There are a number of ways in which you can define a term.

  • Define with regards to its function.
  • Describe what something does or the way something works.
  • Define with regards to its structure. Explain how it can be organized, compiled or put together.
  • Make a comparison of the term with other similar terms and then identify the differences existing between them. The dissimilarities are those special characteristics which make the term unique and stand out from others.

Always keep in mind that a definition essay is meant to explain what a term means. When you write a definition essay, you should to present a clear and basic definition.

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