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Using boundaries to cultivate creativity!

Generally, people think creativity stems from openness and infinite options at our disposal. But, sometimes, the less we have to work with and more the boundaries, the more creative results we can get. Sometimes, the boundaries can actually help creativity flourish.

There are many real-life situations in which imposing boundaries lead to an outpour of creativity. So, if you are a student, struggling at the moment writing your thesis with the boundaries set by your supervisor, take these as a chance to prove yourself and rise above the challenge.

At the moment, it may seem rather counter-intuitive, but in fact boundaries can actually enhance creativity. For example, deadlines set by the teachers are often the only factor that ensures the project is submitted, as if it was left up to the student; the project would never get submitted. Remember that creativity is driven by boundaries. Take another example, creative thinking flourishes if an individual has limited resources. This is because of the fact that an individual is forced to rely on his own resourcefulness and skill if he does not have sufficient resources available. Generally the possibilities may seem limitless when there are no boundaries imposed, but in fact some of the greatest inventions have been created when the innovators had to face some boundaries.

A common example of working with boundaries and constraints is an actor working with not enough resources, like costumes or script etc. In such a situation, an artist is required to improvise and make the best use of the situation and create more with less. Good improvisation can provide an artist with a golden opportunity to carve a niche out for him but this improvisation also has some unspoken rules which are: the artist must accept all assistance and he must make everyone to participate. Yet by adhering to these set boundaries, good improviser artists know they can be wildly creative in all other ways. I would like to point out that while improvisation seems to imply the absence of constraints for the artist, most scenes have to be based around suggestions from the audience. These boundaries are what make improvisation, both so enjoyable and so creative.

Boundaries are sometimes, an unavoidable part of an individual’s life. A recent article mentioned the effects of hardship on children, and how this hard start in life may have fueled their success as adults. Hardship develops flexibility and ingenuity in individuals. So, concluding the discussion, I would like to point out that boundaries don’t defeat resilient people; boundaries inspire them to keep trying other avenues for success.


A Few Handy Pointers on Improving Your Writing Skills

A few tips on brushing up on your writing skills, whether it is an assignment or a short story, you’re all set.

Are you looking to brush up on those writing skills? Maybe you are a budding writer looking to polish their skills. Maybe you are a diligent student who wants to get better scores on essays. Either way, your writing skills are an integral part of the equation and brushing up on them is where the journey begins. With solid writing skills you can add a little sparkle to your creative ideas and allow your work to shine.

When looking to improve your writing abilities you need to keep a few handy pointers in mind. To be a great writer you need strong basics. What basics, you ask? Your vocabulary must be solid. When you know enough about the language turning a phrase will come naturally. How do you do that? Read! Read anything: magazines, books, newspapers.

Some writers like to keep journals as a store for their ideas. You need to be able to allow your ideas to run freely but also be able to put them down so you don’t forget. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your memory is invincible. You will forget and this journal will come in handy. Never censor your journal. This is for your eyes only, put it all out there you never know what will help. But just because no one is going to read it is no reason to slack on the grammar and vocabulary.

Don’t read merely for pleasure. Start reading like a writer; discern what the writer is trying to say. Pick up on styles and you might start adapting your own to an author you like. Do not speed read. You are learning nothing new. In order to learn something from a book you must give it time and patience. Once you have read enough you will start to realize why some books make it and others do not.

Before you begin writing, ask yourself who is your audience. What are you writing for? If you are writing an assignment for the class you want to stay formal and stick to the formats. If you are writing a short story test the limits, cross the boundaries if you have to and then edit it to fix what doesn’t fit in. Remember the golden rule: show, but don’t tell. Of course it works differently with academic papers where you are supposed to reason and explain. Above all you need practice; writing is an art that takes time. Work at, edit your work and you should be all set. If you are short on time keep in mind that you can also easily buy assignment help from reliable online sources. These companies assist you with your papers and ensure you learn at each step.



Innovative and Interactive Tech Trends In Elementary Education

New tech trends help teachers move away from the usual classroom presentation to innovative and interactive learning methods that help students more.

Children these days know much more about electronic devices than adults do. They seem to have a natural affinity for these devices and thanks to online games and portable multimedia consoles they are well versed in the rapidly advancing forms of technology. While many claim that these devices ruin the attention span of children and harm them more than they help, the hold these devices have over them can be used in a positive way to help them learn. Many tech trends have emerged that give a hand to the learning process in the classroom.

IPads are one such form of technology. They have replaced kindles and are now the preferred hand held tablet. They allow teachers to constantly stream new information to students and since they are already glued to their screens, teaching them new things becomes much easier. IPads are also a great device to help special needs children; these devices have special functions to accommodate their shortcomings.

Ebooks are a great place for children to read. Textbooks can easily be updated to ebook format. This is not only cheaper for schools and students, but also makes it easier to carry around to books. Students no longer have to lug around heavy books; they can simply read them on their handheld devices.

Teachers are training to become online educators. This allows them to take classes from almost anywhere with just a screen. Interactive whiteboards are also a great teaching method that many elementary school teachers are starting to use. Students can learn with new innovative methods: playing games or learning through interaction without needing their own separate computers.

Online communities were once used only by high schools, are now being used more and more by middle and elementary schools. They are a great place to share the student’s progress with students and their parents. Marks can be put up, assignments given and submitted. All types of information can easily be shared on these forums.

Podcasts are a great tool for teachers to give students a multimedia learning experience. They are free and have instant access. Students can watch and listen from anywhere. Also, they come in a wide variety of topics. Podcasts can help students improve their pronunciation or learn a new language altogether. They are a great alternative to a movie or a slideshow custom Powerpoint presentation because students can listen to them on the go, which surely makes it easier for them to learn.

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Find the Perfect Place to Learn a Foreign Language Online

Learning a new language is difficult, but if you go to the right place you can easily write your next essay in a foreign tongue.

Everyone has at some point wanted to learn a new language. It always seems like a fancy idea and we all muse with it in theory but what if you could learn a new language online at the lowest price of nothing. That’s right! There are countless online websites that help you learn languages without making you jump through hoops. If you find the right place you won’t have to install applications or make accounts, all you do is learn.

Learning a new language is not as simple as it seems. In theory, all you have to do is go through the lessons and at the end of the day you should be able to sprout words in a foreign tongue but it takes more than that. Much like learning anything new you need practice. We are adept at English because we have been speaking it and writing it and hearing it ever since we were little, the words are ingrained into our memories through years and years of practice. When we are taught math we had to do the same sorts of sums over and over so we could understand through repetition.

When learning a new language you must keep at it. Don’t learn a few words and then return to the lessons weeks later, that is not the way to learn. Allot a specific time to it each day and practice what you have learnt later. If you know enough words try reading an essay written in that language. Reading something will tell you how much you have really learnt.

To learn online you need a good place to start. Find the language of your choice at They not only have a wide range of languages you can choose from but also give you great links where you can start learning for free. You can download podcasts or learn online, there are courses for beginners, intermediates and experts looking to brush up. Another popular site is duolingo. While it may not have as many languages, it does have a mobile application so you can carry around your lessons with you and keep practicing on the go.

If you practice the words you have learnt everyday and then add a few new ones to your list you will slowly build up your vocabulary and before you know it you know a new language. These websites have their lessons spilt into different sections, try doing one a day and when you get time practice.