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Why students of today have started to hate college?

You might have read numerous articles or heard many debates on why higher education is important and how college graduates get high paid jobs. While all the pros of college education stand true, however most of the students who make to college get depressed and many have anxiety disorders. Nowadays, many college students have become quite vocal in their opinions about how they hate college and regret their decision to join a higher educational institute. Let us talk about those reasons and look at this problem with a student’s perspective.

The costs are getting ridiculously high!

The main reason why students of today have started college life is that they see it only as a debt increasing mechanism. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to obtain scholarships as the competition for such full scholarships is becoming extremely intense. Due to the rising expenses and inability to secure scholarships, many students are forced to take up part time jobs while maintaining a good grade point average to make ends meet. This makes their life doubly difficult, thus creating feelings of resentment towards their institution.

Education no longer is fun:

In elementary or even in high schools, the education is all about learning while having fun. Students learn through engaging techniques like science project/ arts and crafts etc. however, when they enter their college life, education becomes all about securing top grades and students find themselves stuck in a rat race, finding themselves reaching nowhere. This becomes de-motivating for many students and they find themselves hating their college life.

Independence comes with a price:

A lot of students, who previously craved independence, find themselves missing the security of their families. As many students move away from their homes to study in the best colleges, they find themselves lonely most of the times, with no parents to run to if need be.  In college life students have to fend for themselves, whether it is to buy groceries or money issues, students have to deal with each and every issue themselves.

The uncertainty of what the future holds after college:

One of the main reasons that many students start despising college life is that there is no certainty in their life after a college degree is completed. Most of the students fear they will end up jobless with a mountain of debt to pay and this causes feelings of detestation.

How smart phones have provided assistance in assignment writing?

When we talk about academic success and growth for students through different levels of academia and how they pass through these levels, assignment writing becomes a critical factor and an important talking point. Assignments form an important part of a student’s academic framework and structure as they are one of the important means of evaluating the capacity of students, their learning as well as also reinforce the message of lectures that teachers have just completed in their classrooms.

With the growth in technology and increased use of computers, students now have many easy avenues of finding help as well as relevant information to complete their assignments. However, that is not just where it stops, students now have smart phone technology in their hands. This technology is much beyond than just phones. They have changed the way students live their lives and now are also providing amazing assistance in assignment writing. Students can use smart phones to find assistance in writing through some of the following four ways.

Writing on the go

When it comes to assignments traditionally, students have to sit somewhere, fix a place and then start working on their assignments surrounded by tons of reading material. However, with smart phones, students can write their assignments on the go. By using office based tools and applications, they can write even while travelling. If they have to find some kind of information or read something, then they can use the internet technology within their phones to write on the go.

Quickly note down points

When students are in a rush, they cannot rely on computers and laptops to be carried everywhere. This is where a smart phone will come to the rescue. Students can quickly note down important points about their assignments, be it in lecture or somewhere else and then utilize it anywhere when they start working on that assignment.

Improved productivity

By using various writing tools on the phones and not having to wait for computers or other important aspects and just get started with their work through phones only. This is where they can drastically improve their productivity. Even if students are travelling somewhere, rather than wasting time, they can just keep writing their work.

Well equipped

With smart phone technology, students are always well equipped with the necessary things. Be it something to take notes, a device to record an important lecture or suddenly find some key information, everything can be done with the use of smart phones.