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Four major classifications of the academic paths you can opt for

Academic degrees and paths are the decisions that students must take as they make their way through to colleges and universities after graduating from the school. These paths play a critical role in the development of the students as well as deciding the future of their professional life and a career. For example, if a student chooses to study entrepreneurship, he is more than likely to pursue the same when he graduates and steps into the professional world. Similarly, someone who chooses marketing will be pursuing marketing only.

So students while deciding to choose such academic paths should always put weights on different factors before deciding on one because first they cannot possibly change the path with ease, it will be very challenging, second they need to have clarity of why they are choosing a particular degree before completing their scholarship essays and thirdly if they do change it, whatever they have studied might go in vain this means loss of money, effort and time. So it is always recommended that students must choose an academic path which perfectly fits their future aspirations and allows them to find true success in both academic life and professional life. Today’s academic blog will talk about four major classifications or academic path as well as associated degrees that students can choose to help themselves towards success.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications is one of the most pursued and commonly known academic paths globally. It is present and offered by almost all top institutions around the world and it keenly opted for by students who have an interest in the field of business, branding, communication, media or advertising. However, with the growth and changes in education dynamics both communication and media are now treated as completely different fields, but for the sake of argument we are mentioning them alternatively. Students can become experts in advertising, branding, and trade marketing or sales if they choose to go on this academic path. Degrees that are on offer can be bachelors or masters in marketing and media.

Economics and finance

Economics and finance might be  in the same branch of business studies, but now is a completely different phenomenon of academic life. It allows students to pursue specialization in the field of economy, banking and retail banking or anything related economy. Finance is another different and very commonly opted for as an academic degree. Students who complete their Chartered Accountancy or Audit studies are usually on the path of finance.

Science and Technology

The growth in science and modern day technology has made this field the most diverse and complicated ones. Students who are exceptional in their studies and have a keen interest in the field of science opt for this kind of degree and academic path. It is important for students to know that this academic path takes the most time and is the most complex ones out of all.


Research is another important field which is slowly gaining popularity. Research allows students to be specialists in data mining, information usage and being analysts. It is also becoming one of the very lucrative careers of today.

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