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Innovative and Interactive Tech Trends In Elementary Education

New tech trends help teachers move away from the usual classroom presentation to innovative and interactive learning methods that help students more.

Children these days know much more about electronic devices than adults do. They seem to have a natural affinity for these devices and thanks to online games and portable multimedia consoles they are well versed in the rapidly advancing forms of technology. While many claim that these devices ruin the attention span of children and harm them more than they help, the hold these devices have over them can be used in a positive way to help them learn. Many tech trends have emerged that give a hand to the learning process in the classroom.

IPads are one such form of technology. They have replaced kindles and are now the preferred hand held tablet. They allow teachers to constantly stream new information to students and since they are already glued to their screens, teaching them new things becomes much easier. IPads are also a great device to help special needs children; these devices have special functions to accommodate their shortcomings.

Ebooks are a great place for children to read. Textbooks can easily be updated to ebook format. This is not only cheaper for schools and students, but also makes it easier to carry around to books. Students no longer have to lug around heavy books; they can simply read them on their handheld devices.

Teachers are training to become online educators. This allows them to take classes from almost anywhere with just a screen. Interactive whiteboards are also a great teaching method that many elementary school teachers are starting to use. Students can learn with new innovative methods: playing games or learning through interaction without needing their own separate computers.

Online communities were once used only by high schools, are now being used more and more by middle and elementary schools. They are a great place to share the student’s progress with students and their parents. Marks can be put up, assignments given and submitted. All types of information can easily be shared on these forums.

Podcasts are a great tool for teachers to give students a multimedia learning experience. They are free and have instant access. Students can watch and listen from anywhere. Also, they come in a wide variety of topics. Podcasts can help students improve their pronunciation or learn a new language altogether. They are a great alternative to a movie or a slideshow custom Powerpoint presentation because students can listen to them on the go, which surely makes it easier for them to learn.

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