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Interesting Essay Topic Ideas

Being a student is never easy especially when you have to attend lectures and handle your assignments at the same time. Doing assignments, particularly working on essays, can be hectic at times for high school students when it comes to thinking over topics and researching for it. Many times, teachers provide essay topics that help to save the time of students but what happens when the teachers leave the choice of selecting essay topics to students? In this situation, students always wish to get some help in deciding an interesting topic to write a good quality essay. If the topic is chosen properly then the essay would ultimately be written in a high-quality manner. For this purpose you can always visit this page as here you will find the exact solution for your problem to select interesting essay topics for middle and high school students.
Here is a list of a variety of interesting essay topics under each essay category. Have a look, decide your essay category, and select the topic you are interested in.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays require extensive researching and explanation of your perspective about the topic with the help of logical discussions containing pieces of evidence. Some of the topics that you can choose if you wish to write an argumentative essay are:
1. Should free education be provided by the government to the poor?
2. Should women have equal employment rights?
3. All illegal websites should be banned.
4. Rapists should be hanged till death.
5. Should humans be replaced by robots?
6. Our culture should be represented through our media.
7. People with physical disabilities should be given jobs according to their abilities.
8. Early marriages should be promoted to avoid adultery.
9. Experiments should not be conducted upon animals.
10. Polythene bags should not be used.

Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays are very much the same as argumentative essays with the inclusion of the fact that it requires the author to convince the reader by presenting certain facts and figures.
The topics for persuasive essays are:
1. Hunting should be stopped.
2. People are earning a lot through social media.
3. Parent counseling should be considered important for the good upbringing of children.
4. Mobiles should be provided to 18 plus children only.
5. Animals should not be caged.
6. Abortions should be banned everywhere.
7. The Dowry system should be stopped.
8. The joint family system is no more a blessing.
9. More than one language learning should be encouraged.
10. Teachers should not slap students.

Descriptive Essay Topics

In descriptive essays, a writer has to give a detailed description of the subject under discussion. It could be said as painting a picture in the mind of readers through words. A reader should feel as if he or she is at that place or can relate to the words while reading the descriptive essay. Below are some very interesting descriptive essay topics you can easily choose:
1. Describe your first day in your new class.
2. The memorable trip of your life.
3. Who do you call your best friend?
4. How have you maintained your room?
5. The book you can read for unlimited times.
6. Which food do you love to eat the most?
7. A rainy day.
8. Your daily routine.
9. How did you celebrate your last birthday?
10. What do you like about nature the most?

Narrative Essay Topics

All narrative essay requires is the art of storytelling. In a narrative essay, you have to share your personal experience in the form of a story.
Some of the narrative essay topics are as follows:
1. How it feels to swim underwater.
2. My experience as a teacher.
3. The best achievement of life.
4. First performance at a public stage.
5. Losing your loved ones on your special day.
6. Getting an unexpected present or surprise from your friends.
7. Saying last goodbyes is never easy.
8. The happiness after helping someone.
9. Being loved back by the person you love.
10. How social media has changed your life?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

In compare and contrast essays, authors have to look for similarities and the differences between two things. After reading your compare and contrast essay, readers must be able to draw a conclusion and establish a point of view regarding the two things.
The topics for compare and contrast essays are:
1. Books or E-books.
2. Machine work or manual work.
3. Indoor games or outdoor games.
4. Introversion or extraversion.
5. Looking at waves or stargazing – what’s more peaceful.
6. Visiting markets or online shopping.
7. Practical life or emotional catering.
8. In-office work or online work.
9. Love marriage or arrange marriage
10. Eating at a restaurant or ordering food online.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

In cause and effect essays a writer mentions the reason for something that happens and what is the outcome of that happening.
1. Why people commit suicide?
2. What are the effects of smoking?
3. Why does depression increase day by day?
4. Why is the divorce rate increasing?
5. What are the reasons for inflation?
6. How social media is affecting the education of children.
7. What were the effects of Covid-19 on the mind of people?
8. What is the impact of social media on family relationships?
9. What are the causes of high blood pressure?
10. Is lemon helpful for reducing weight?

Informative Essay Topics

The aim of writing informative essays is to provide information to the readers about the topic.
The topics for informative essays are the following:
1. Modern scientific technology
2. Heart disorders
3. Natural calamities
4. Benefits of vegetables
5. Digital marketing strategies
6. Poverty
7. Inflation
8. Skin disease

Definition Essay Topics

In definition essays, the writer aims to define certain topics with the help of examples. Some of the definition essay topics are:
1. Modeling
2. E-commerce
3. Social media
4. Gender roles
5. Shopping

Expository Essay Topics

In expository essay topics, writers explain the topic through logical expressions to make it clear for readers.
1. Use of drugs among youth.
2. How pollution is affecting the environment?
3. The causes of increased poverty.
4. What are the reasons to develop blood cancer?
5. How to avail of good job opportunities?
6. Ways of becoming a good doctor.
7. How to become an influential marketer.
8. What are the bad impacts of using the internet?
9. How to help someone fight cancer?
10. How to earn money online?

Problem-Solution Essay Topics

The purpose of the problem-solution essay is to present a particular problem and then provide a solution to that problem. A writer also explains the reason for considering the particular solution for that problem.
The topics for problem-solution topics are:
1. How to eliminate injustice from society?
2. How cyber crimes can be controlled?
3. Improving the education system.
4. How to reduce poverty from the country?
5. How to avoid sunburn in summers?
6. How to fight against harassment?
7. What are the best ways to control accidents?
8. How to reduce global warming?

Classification Essay Topics

In classification essays, you can present the variety or category of different things such as:
1. Music
2. Food
3. Education
3. Sea animals
4. Birds
5. Leisure time activities.

Research Essay Topics

Research essays should be selected very carefully as it will include all the parts a research paper has. The topics for research essays can be following:
1. How Facebook is affecting the minds of teenagers.
2. What are the effects of personality on the language of a person?
3. Is violence shown in cartoons affecting the upbringing of children?
4. Is textspeak affecting the academic language of the students?
5. Should using cell phones be allowed in educational institutes?
6. What is the relationship between managing employment and stress levels?
7. Is the education system only the means to do business?
8. How can students deal with peer pressure?


Isn’t it helpful to select a topic of your own choice within minutes? Yes, it is! This blog provides you various interesting essay topics that could be very difficult for you to think and decide to wait for your precious time. Getting help from this page will give you numerous great ideas your teacher would love to read, plus it will save your time as well. Taking the first step is difficult but once you have decided your topic from the above-mentioned list then the only thing left is to research and write about it. Make you workload less and take help from Feel free to visit the page whenever you need to write a good essay on an interesting topic.

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