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Internet And Homework – There Are More Links Than We May Realize

The Internet And Home Work:

The internet and homework are associated in more ways than one. The links between the two are now so many and so strong that it is quite difficult to imagine how, only a few decades earlier, students of schools and colleges did not have the remotest association with the world wide web.

Information Acquisition:

The first thing that might come to one’s mind when the idea of the internet and homework is brought up is information acquisition. Internet is a fast source of information, and a lot of students use it to obtain background knowledge about the topic they are writing about or to study the concepts they were supposed to learn. The range of information and knowledge resources on the internet is vast. From eBooks to pdf tutorials, from video lectures to teach it yourself guides, from discussion forums to question and answer websites, the list of resources on the internet goes on and on.

If a student does not find information on a particular topic in their textbook, or if the textbook does not elaborate enough, all the student has to do to understand that topic is search for it on the world wide web and study from the resources there.

 Communication With Experts And Fellow Students:

While internet is a source of information, it is also a means of communication with fellow students, subject experts and teachers. There are discussion forums on the internet where questions can be asked and topics can be discussed. There are question and answer websites for similar purposes. Also, students can get an online tutor that can help them study using video and voice chat.

The role of the internet in enabling students to communicate goes even further. Students send and receive homework assignments via email or social media groups. They use these means of communication to interact with their fellow students to do their homework. Getting classhelp from fellow students has become easier as a result.

 Should We Be Completely Dependent?

The question of whether or not we should allow ourselves to be completely dependent on the internet is an important one. The answer is a subjective one, and opinions may differ, but something has to be said about the importance of delving into books and browsing through libraries in quest of knowledge. It is something students must not entirely forget how to do.

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