How smart phones have provided assistance in assignment writing?

When we talk about academic success and growth for students through different levels of academia and how they pass through these levels, assignment writing becomes a critical factor and an important talking point. Assignments form an important part of a student’s academic framework and structure as they are one of the important means of evaluating the capacity of students, their learning as well as also reinforce the message of lectures that teachers have just completed in their classrooms.

With the growth in technology and increased use of computers, students now have many easy avenues of finding help as well as relevant information to complete their assignments. However, that is not just where it stops, students now have smart phone technology in their hands. This technology is much beyond than just phones. They have changed the way students live their lives and now are also providing amazing assistance in assignment writing. Students can use smart phones to find assistance in writing through some of the following four ways.

Writing on the go

When it comes to assignments traditionally, students have to sit somewhere, fix a place and then start working on their assignments surrounded by tons of reading material. However, with smart phones, students can write their assignments on the go. By using office based tools and applications, they can write even while travelling. If they have to find some kind of information or read something, then they can use the internet technology within their phones to write on the go.

Quickly note down points

When students are in a rush, they cannot rely on computers and laptops to be carried everywhere. This is where a smart phone will come to the rescue. Students can quickly note down important points about their assignments, be it in lecture or somewhere else and then utilize it anywhere when they start working on that assignment.

Improved productivity

By using various writing tools on the phones and not having to wait for computers or other important aspects and just get started with their work through phones only. This is where they can drastically improve their productivity. Even if students are travelling somewhere, rather than wasting time, they can just keep writing their work.

Well equipped

With smart phone technology, students are always well equipped with the necessary things. Be it something to take notes, a device to record an important lecture or suddenly find some key information, everything can be done with the use of smart phones.

Helping Students Find A Purpose for Their Education

Troubled or typical? Your life, as similar to the otherparents, revolves around this question. Whether your teen just finished the middle school and is on the verge of high school or just about to enter a new phase of college life; every parent is concerned about the fact that their teens have no purpose! As everything happens for a reason and every concept has a purpose behind, education is a sacred notion. With the help of education, a teen tends to incorporate the superlative form of personality and character development. But now a days, teens do not value it; for them it is a load and a burden given to them at a very young age. But they still do not grasp the worth of it. As parents and responsible teachers, it is essential for the students to be acquainted and familiarized with the importance of this concept. Taking it for granted and considering it as insubstantial, will have a negative and an adverse effect on the teens for their later future development. Therefore, from time to time, they should be indulged in academic activities that stimulate their interests as well as allow them to ponder upon this concept. It is partly the fault of educators and such facilities, as we have portrayed education as the mere reading, writing and revising of lectures, which of course, makes the entire perception dull and unattractive. That is why the current and the new school systems are on the verge of revolutionizing their educational values and process to  make sure that teens are aware of the significance of education and take part in it, not forcefully as a compulsion, rather do it wholeheartedly.

Career objectives

Teens should be well informed and aware of the fact that a good degree from a respectable and an acceptable institute will allow them to flourish and thrive. Everybody wants to settle down, financially and in terms of a standard career opportunity, which can only take place if they work hard to get into a university and get the required degree. You can have a variety of choices in terms of job preferences and will be in high demand after you qualify with education.

Knowledge and insight

Education does not involve cramming up of ideas and lectures, rather it generates the feeling of interests and motivation within the individuals and allows them to acquire knowledge of all sorts. A learning session that includes the cramming up or memorization of lessons, which is quite common today is not at all fulfilling the basic purpose of education, rather allowing the students to divert from the right path.


Education makes you a philosopher; it enables you to think and ponder upon the basic concepts of the world involving every aspect. It enables you to involve in the critical analysis of objects, subjects and ideas, making you to meditate; leading towards being a truth-seeker and a theorist or a logician.

Positive outlook

An individual with education is the one who is a dreamer; with the help of logic as a base, students can enhance their outlooks and viewpoints about life. This can help discard negativity and un constructiveness in life, and allows the students to be more practical and realistic in nature.

How university projects help in cognitive development of a grown up

When we talk about academic assignments and projects, the focus really lies on writing traditionally with words and a lot of research. With all the growth and advancements in the education sector as well as the technological progress, the impetus still lies in teaching students the traditional way, rather than giving them something more practical and much more relevant, that would help them in the professional field as they grow.

If we talk about universities, much of the curriculum still revolves around traditional reading and papers rather than a university project, which deals with an experience for students that can help them become street smart and clever as well as educated. The importance of such project is immense, when it comes to the cognitive development of grown up individuals. Traditional writing does not work for them, in order to increase participation levels and eagerness to show quality they need to be involved in more practicality of the work. Our article is going to focus on four ways through which university projects can help the grown up individuals in the cognitive development.

More practical knowledge

Projects that tackle the practical side of things, allow students to gain much more practical knowledge about their course rather than just writing and research from the internet. It takes them away from the online world to use their own mind and process in order to develop a more concrete work, rather than the presentation of a few hundred words. This is what makes practical project so much more interesting as well as fascinating to execute.

Takes them away from the comfort zone

University projects take students away from their comfort zone, which is the computer and the internet. It forces them to work with other fellow mates and in groups, which they never thought they would work. This teaches them the aspect of adaptability and growing through different challenges.

Allows them to be more expressive

Gone are the days, when words were enough to make students portray forms of expression, now projects that involve more practical experience and freedom to do things allow students to be more expressive.

Gives them an opportunity to think on their own

When students are taken away from the internet, it gives them the opportunity to use their own mind and race through a different thought process and mechanisms in order to complete the work and this in turn makes their mind more functional.


How to make a successful transition from academic life to corporate life?

It is extremely hard for students to make a smooth transition from their study life to their work/ practical life as both the worlds are different in many aspects. This transition time, when students are graduating and stepping into the job world, is critically important as well as hectic for students as they have to experience a totally different set of rules and regulation that they were not familiar with for the past 12-16 years of their life.

We have discussed a few guidelines that will help students to make the transition smooth and build a successful career in the future. To read these guidelines, take a look at the following tips:

Change of pace and routine:

Students have to remember that their career is not like a high school course and they are not attending classes. They cannot come and go as they please. They have to follow a strict routine as all offices require their workers to put in a stated amount of time.

Many students develop a habit of coming late to their classes, coming late to the office is not acceptable. Moreover, if your classes were in the evening or afternoon, you would have to change your sleeping patterns as you have to reach your office in the morning.


It is crucially important that you employ professionalism in your attitude. From your dressing to your body language, you should portray that you are a professional ready to work in a professional environment. Leave behind your sloppy clothes and impractical attitude.

Act responsibly:

In your student days, you were hardly responsible for anything. Your finances were taken care of by your parents/ guardians. You only had to show up for the classes and pass the exams. Now, after you have graduated, however, you have a ton of responsibilities that lie all on your shoulders. So, be ready to leave the immature attitude behind and take charge of your life like a responsible adult that you are.

 Try to be flexible:

Basically, if you want a smooth transition, you should be extremely flexible, with an attitude that accepts change with a positive mind. If you are reluctant to accept all the changes, you will fall behind and be trapped in the past. So, in order to progress further into the future, be ready to accept all the changes life throws at you.

Art assignment challenges and how to overcome them

Art assignments can be one of the most dreaded tasks your professor can assign. For the beginners, they can be long and challenging, and become a lost cause in no time. But there are a few ways to make sure your assignments are ready on time and are delivered to impress.

Let’s find out about these art assignment writing tips.

 Finding the original idea

 The idea behind any art writing assignment is to get the students’ perspective on the topic. This means you have to come up with an original idea of your own. There are many ways to do this. For instance, you can discuss the topic with a friend or someone who has taken this course before you. Try to find out about what their ideas are. Do they differ from yours? There are other sources you can go to, such as online books related to the topic or the campus and public libraries, which will give you an academic perspective. You can then argue for or against it.

 Know where to begin

 As in any other form of writing, it is important to know where to start. The way you choose to begin will be different If you are presented with a comparative analysis, or with a for or against analysis of any idea presented in an artist’s work. The introduction you choose to write can begin by providing some background information on the topic, and then moving on to the points you will be discussing in the article. Or you could come straight to the point and begin right away with your discussion.

 Learn to balance an argument

 In argumentative essays, it is important to learn to present the pros and cons of an idea and then formulate a conclusion. Having a balanced argument is very important, as it provides the reader the chance to look at an idea from all perspectives and then make up their minds. The lack of a balanced argument leaves a very negative impression and can lead to a much lower grade than you anticipated.

 Find your own unique perspective

 In any art writing assignment, having your own perspective is very important. It is not simply enough to agree with a scholar’s point of view and be content with it. You must be able to challenge their opinion and come up with something of your own. After all, any piece of art is always open to interpretation and it is your job to find out what that other interpretation could be.


How text messaging/chatting is weakening the grammar in students?

Kids are losing traditional methods of writing:

It is quite a common sight, in schools, trains, buses and roads, to see children glued to their smart phones and tapping away. While they can write a text message in less than a second, it is becoming harder for students to formulate complete sentences, with proper grammar usage and no spelling mistakes.

Children frequently use terms like kinda, sorta, lyke etc instead of their proper forms. We see that children are losing touch with traditional methods of writing. Let us discuss how this infatuation with texting and chatting is ruining the students’ ability to write grammatically correct sentences.

Shorthand writing- the newest trend!

Hw r u? C u l8r! C u @ 9! These are just a few examples how texting language works. Everything is typed using a short hand. Now, children use wud instead of would, f9 instead of fine and so and so forth. No wonder students don’t understand the basic grammar rules and have low vocabulary knowledge!

While typing like this may save a few seconds, students get used to this short hand as they use it quite frequently. So, when they are writing their college assignment, they unthinkingly use the same shorthand.

Acronyms being added to dictionaries!?!?

OMG! (Oh my God)

TTYL! (Talk to you later)
LOL! (Laughing out loud)
ASAP! (As soon as possible)

TBH! (To be honest)

FYI! (For your information)

These are some of the acronyms widely popular, now not just in texting language. Now, OMG, LOL and FYI have been added to the Oxford Dictionary, and it’s not long when others will be too. Not only is this inclusion of these words in a prestigious dictionary embarrassing, but it is also a question, what are we leaving our next generation with?

What next?

We are a generation who doesn’t know the correct usage of then, than, whose! It is imperative that we start reading books to educate ourselves about proper grammar usage and vocabulary.

We should understand that although the usage of shorthand and acronyms is quite alluring, but the implications are far greater and worse as it is quite a slippery slope.

As parents and as teachers, we should be in our capacity to teach students about the implications of text messaging language and try to change their course into adopting the proper methods of writing.

Expressing Yourself Perfectly Through Perfect Choice Of Words

Often it happens that you write something and when you read it you find that you have not explained everything properly. It seems like something is missing but you can’t seem to know what. This is a common phenomenon which usually happens because correct words are not used to describe something, thereby, the essence of the written piece is lost. Therefore, it is highly essential that the choice of words is correct, wise and suitable to make your work sound like you actually want it to be.

Selecting the correct words is certainly not easy, but is possible if you try a bit hard. Each and every word that you use has its own significance and meaning. For instance, there is a huge difference when you say you got ‘good’ grades or when you say you got ‘excellent’ scores.

Audience for your writing gives you a good direction as to the choice of words. For instance, if your writing is for youngsters then surely using heavy vocabulary will not be a good choice. Similarly, if the targeted readers are well-educated and professionals, then you can incorporate difficult vocabulary because it would be okay for them to understand. Therefore, always know your audience and do your work accordingly. As for teachers, they always want a perfect homework, but for that you don’t need to act over-efficient, instead stay at your level and ask for help to do assignment if you need.

Now that you know that choosing correct words is important as it can gain you extra marks in your assignments as well, you must be thinking how to find these words? Well, when you know what you want to write but are out of words, then there are some techniques that can help.

Search engines are the best way to find synonyms when you need one. Also, if you write phrases on the search bar you will be able to find a single word for that phrase. This helps a lot and quickens your speed of doing work. You don’t have to ponder for hours just to find an appropriate word.

With practice and regular use of new vocabulary, you will be able to memorize these words and keep on using them in your writings. It not only increases the worth of your assignment, but also gets you scores and appreciation from your teachers because anyone can see the change when you are improving!


Get your Dream College Now in Exchange for The Best Personal Statement

When it comes to writing about our own selves, we get so much perplexed. It gets harder to determine the strengths, weaknesses and other colors of our personalities. The same happens with the students when they have to write their personal statement. It holds great importance to their future career. Their academic success is mostly built on this particular statement. What if you get one personally written for you on your features and characteristics?

A personal statement introduces you to the university. It must be informative, reflecting your intellect, but at the same time persuasive to hold the reader’s interest.

The most important thing a writer must do is to go through self-examination. When you make an analytical view of yourself and your objectives, then you are giving something good to the reader. They require a revealing and an insightful view to the student’s personality. A committee, which will grant admission for you, needs to know the secrets of your life. You should put yourself aside and evaluate your life more critically. This will reveal some interesting points about you.

There are a few questions to be answered here;

  • ·What is your special quality or trait? Is there anything else interesting about you?
  • ·When did you develop an interest in this discipline?
  • ·How did you learn about the respected field-through classes, media or internships?
  • ·What are your career goals?
  • ·What are your current career goals?
  • ·Are there any gaps in your academic records?
  • ·Did you work somewhere along with completing your studies? What experience did you gain?

What did you gain from that experience, something of value? If it is hard for you to develop a statement on you, then you must purchase personal statement. It is available for you at very affordable prices. These services work online. They will ask details about you and then will forward them to their expert writers. There is a pool of professional content producers and their duty is to write for the students. Prices are determined according to the complexity of the work and deadline. The writers are highly skilled so they are aware about the formatting style. Their experience gives them knowledge on certain topics so it is easy for them to write a good personal statement.

It is however; better to produce a statement on your own. You can write about yourself by answering a few simple questions mentioned above.


Know about the Importance of Grammar in essay Writing

It is a big responsibility to write essay for someone. There are many college students who outsource their assignments and work to the online firms. The edition is always needed in anything. All big writers first pass their books through editors. Errors and grammatical mistakes make the pieces look bad.

When someone asks you-I need an research essay papers, then it becomes the writer’s job to satisfy a client fully. As a writer it is a great responsibility to produce an article with correct punctuation, grammar and spelling. Apart from the formal structure of the essay, creativity and the use of language is also crucial. An essay of English Literature would be more demanding than other subjects, but writing about other subjects must be adhered to grammatical standards too. Grammar is necessary in writing so that readers can understand your viewpoint and any ambiguity can be released.

A company who is providing the solutions does not only help students to write essays for them, but also assists them to improve their grammar. It is for their good and it does not violate any codes of education. In this way students do not go to the wrong resorts of completing their assignments, like taking advantage of plagiarism etc.

Folks from high school who have an edge with the grammar will definitely run faster than others. It boosts the competitive spirit in students.

Presentation is also very important for essays. Gone are the days when students had to write with their pen and pencils. Some had good handwriting and most of them wrote badly. The invention of Micro Soft has solved many problems. It gives a complete edge to the writing services to present the essays neatly and legibly. An assignment helps services possess the right amount of information regarding these word processors and standards.

Essay assistance can create a remarkable content with the required formatting and structure too. Headings, text format and other essentials by your professor will be managed. It brings consistency to your article. Page break, header and footer all are the requisites to the best essay. Students cannot do it all on their own and, therefore, they go for external help.

You must put your own thoughts and opinions to your essay. The writing services only refine your work and idea. Do your research and clearly instruct the writer about what you want. You can also ask them for assistance only, and not to do the complete task. Try to write by yourself first.

Benefits of getting help from Assignment Writing Companies

Students often get bored of writing their assignments and essays that they get from their professors because they need to pay their maximum attention and time for completing these tasks which sometimes create problems for them, especially for those who are engaged with part time jobs. So for dealing with assignments, essay and research papers, students start looking for help online. There are several writing companies who provide this writing help to students online for doing their homework or assignments. They provide students written assignments and essays at an affordable fee. This is why getting their services is considered useful for students who find problems in writing their assignments.

 These professional assignment help companies provide a lot of benefits to students, some of which are listed below:

  • The professional writing companies usually have a team of writers who have years of experience and expertise in their respective study areas.
  • These writers are well-aware of students’ problems and thus provide them an effective help in writing their assignments.
  • Most of the writers possess more than 10 years of experience in this business.
  • They know the tricks of converting an ordinary piece of paper into an extraordinary and a successful one.
  • They provide students with unique, good quality, plagiarism free assignments so that they can acquire good grades from their teachers.
  • These companies provide students a chance to directly communicate with a team of writers and discuss their queries with them.
  • They value quality and thus provide satisfactory work to the students.
  • They provide free revisions to students in case they find mistakes in their assignments.
  • These companies provide their services worldwide, so that students from all over the world can get benefits from their services.
  • They provide their services at a reasonable fee that is easily affordable for everyone.

 These are some of the benefits that you can get from assignment writing companies. Now the question is how you can get the best writing company that provides you all these benefits. Well, this is not a big issue as there are several writing companies offering their services online. You can easily find the best for you by searching online. The only thing that you need to be careful about is that there are some scam companies as well who waste students’ precious time and money. So you just need to avoid such companies and hire the one that provides a genuine writing service.