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Whether laptops should be allowed in schools or not?

The question that today’s topic raises invites serious yet very pragmatic arguments. We live in a technological world; there is no denying that, but letting too much of technology into our lives often leads to problems, if not disasters. Children who study at school are delicate souls anxious to learn new things and open the gates of knowledge to themselves and with the passing days, every school student wants to have as much online and computerized help as possible; but are they really in need of such foreign guidance? Is it not an easy way out for them, at such an early stage? Shouldn’t they be trained to do everything manually at this stage? These are certain questions that can start serious debates.

Laptops can open a new dimension of information for the students; it can help them in a lot of ways, but it has its demerits too: Now people argue that if we are to allow students to bring the laptops in, what will become of the teachers? What are they doing there, if their students think that the ultimate source of knowledge lies in their laps? I remember a teacher friend telling me that once he gave his students some homework and started giving lectures again, and within 5 minutes a kid stood up and announced the answers to the whole class after searching from his laptop. These kinds of things are bound to happen if you allow the liberty to bring laptops to the school. Moreover, having a laptop and an internet connection can mean that you can log in to social networks and that can be very much expected by our young generation, although it’d be highly undesirable.

Where there are cons, there are pros to this suggestion as well. If not misused and used only for the informational and educational-sharing purposes, the laptops can help the students in a numerous ways. Students can share important softwares, do assignments on the word processing softwares, hence reducing paper cost and even aid the teacher if he wants them to play a video online for a better insight.

In short, there are always two sides to a story; there are good points and then there are bad. We just have to manage to get only the good out of our plan by trying to avoid the worst aspects as much as possible.

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