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There are many students who, at college level, choose career-oriented subjects as their majors like computer science. Such types of courses comprise of two curricular focuses, one is the professional studies and the other is general education. The most vital element of both thrusts is “writing”.
Writing is introduced at freshman level at colleges, usually in the form of freshman composition course. Following this course, students are then given the assignments of writing term papers in literature and history. This helps to build their writing skills which they will use for research paper writing later on. Lately, many academics came to a conclusion that writing is such a skill which cannot be secluded to two or three subjects only. Therefore, writing was also introduced in computer science curricula as well. Regrettably, the significance of writing in courses like engineering and computer science has not been recognized yet. This can be attributed to two reasons: either the teachers consider that writing should remain isolated to general education only or they are not skilled enough to train their students on how to write. It is found that students in technical fields like computer science experience more difficulty in writing and perhaps this is the reason why they request "can you help me write my computer science paper" when they are assigned with a computer science paper. As such, technical students need more writing instructions than other students to write there papers otherwise they are compelled to buy computer science assignment to pass their course.

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